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Skype Basics

Here are some basics on how to use Skype to participate in a video conference

Login to Skype

1. Open Skype

2. Enter the Skype username and password that were provided to you and click "Sign in"

Changing your Skype password

1. After logging into Skype, click on the "Skype" menu and choose "Change Password"

2. Enter your current password, new password (twice), and then click "Apply"

Placing a Video Call

1. After logging into Skype, select a Contact from the "Contacts" pane and then click 
2. Once you click "Video call", the person you are inviting to participate in the video call will see a notification that you are calling. By clicking "Answer with video" they will connect to your video call

Troubleshooting Audio/Video issues

1. If you are experiencing audio or video issues, click on the "Check settings" button and check the settings for the webcam, microphone, and speakers. The microphone and webcam should BOTH be set to use the webcam. The speakers should be set to use the computer's built-in sound