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Backing up files to your network "T" drive

1. Open "My Computer" by clicking on the "Start" menu and choosing "My Computer". You should see an icon labeled with your network username, followed by "T:"  This is your network "T" drive and will appear any time you login to a district computer connected to one of the school networks.

2. Leave the "My Computer" window open. Open "My Documents" by clicking on the "Start" menu and choosing "My Documents"

3. Arrange both windows so that you can see the icon for your "T" drive and the documents/files that you want to backup

4. Drag the files that that you want to backup FROM the "My Documents" folder TO the "T" drive.
TIP: You do not need to move one file at a time. You can select multiple files and folders and drag them all at once. To select multiple files and folders, hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard and click each file or folder you want to drag

5. Repeat this process for any files that you need to backup that are not stored in your My Documents folder. For example, any files you may have saved on the Desktop