Step 3, Adjust Mail and Gmail notifications

So, you've added your BSD Google account and setup the Gmail app. Now, it's time to adjust the mail and Gmail notifications so that you're not overwhelmed/annoyed by multiple notifications and sounds each time you receive an email message. Unfortunately, Apple spreads around the various settings in a few different locations.

1. Open the "Settings" app
Settings app

2. Select "Notifications" on the left and tap "Mail"
Notifications Mail

3. Turn OFF all the sliders and tap "Notifications"
Mail notifications

4. Select Notifications on the left and tap "Gmail"
Notifications Gmail

5. Turn OFF all sliders EXCEPT "Badge App Icon"
Gmail Notifications

6. Select "General" on the left and tap "Sounds"

7. Tap either "New Mail" or "Sent Mail"
Choose mail

8. Tap "None"
List of sounds

9. When new messages arrive, the red notification bubble will appear on the Gmail app and not the Mail app. Also, no sounds will be played when a message arrives
Showing notifications

If you're interested in accessing and syncing your Google calendars, move on to Step 4, Choose which calendars to sync