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Managing your "Approved Senders"

Using the Postini Message Center, each Burrillville staff member can manage their own "Approved Senders" list (whitelist), ensuring that any email address listed bypasses the junk email filters. If you see legitimate messages in your Daily Quarantine notification getting caught in the Junk filter, you may want to add the sender's address to your "Approved Senders" list to prevent this from happening. You also may want to proactively add the email addresses of parents or community members to ensure that their messages are never filtered as Junk.

1. Login to your Postini Message Center from the BSD Staff Start Page,

2. Click the "My Settings" link in the upper right corner of the page

3. Click "Approve Senders" to manage your own approved senders list

4. Add the email address of any sender that you want to ensure is NEVER caught in the Postini SPAM filter and click "Update Approved Senders"