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Daily Agenda from Google Calendar

Did you ever wish you had your own personal assistant that would email you your Daily Agenda each morning? Well, you do... Google Calendar!

Here's how to setup Google Calendar to email you a Daily Agenda each morning listing the events on your personal calendar, as well as any events from the group/shared calendars of your choice:

1. When looking at your Google Calendar, click the "gear" icon in the upper right corner of the page and select "Calendar settings"
Opening Calendar settings

2. On the Calendar Settings page, click the "Calendars" link
Choose Calendar on Settings page

3. Click the "Notifications" to the right of your calendar
Click Notifications

4. Check the "Daily Agenda" box and click "Save"
Enable Daily Agenda

5. You can also click the "Notifications" links next to the Group/Shared calendars that you have access to and have notifications from those calendars included in your Daily Agenda email
Group calendar notifications

I hope this helps and that you're new Google "virtual assistant" keeps you from missing important meetings and events!